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Basement Remodeling Ideas For Your Baltimore County Home

What To Do With Your Maryland Basement?

Out of all the spaces in your home it's your basement that has the most potential for a remodeling project.  Finishing your basement can pretty much double the existing space in your home.  If you have a walkout basement or basement with proper egress windows, it can even be considered extra living space.  No matter how you decide to finish off your basement it usually costs much less than building an addition onto your home and can often be completed in a shorter time frame too.

When you're building an addition you have to spend money on an engineer or architect, you must have a foundation, you'll need framing, electrical, plumbing, flooring, painting, roofing, windows, and siding.  When remodeling your basement the basic structure is already in place along with the plumbing and electrical in most cases too.  By not having to spend money on all the other aspects of constructing an addition you can afford to spend money in other areas such as upgraded finishing like better flooring, better lighting, furniture, and more.

Ideas for remodeling your basement

Remodeling Your Basement Into Your Kids Playroom

You probably want a safe (and quite) place for your children and their friends to play right?  Well the basement is an excellent choice for a kids playroom.  Parents can be at ease knowing their children are playing safe, while containing all of the child toys to one out of sight area. No more scratches on the wood floors or dings on the walls throughout your home.  These rooms work great for young children who will enjoy this space safely with their friends.  As your child grows older they will appreciate the personal space that your modified basement provides them and you’ll appreciate the safe “hangout” and knowing where your children are.  If your kids are into gaming then you also won't have to deal with the noise anymore!

Remodeling Your Basement Into an In-law Or Rental Suite

If you have a walkout basement or a properly installed egress window then you might be able to acquire a building permit to turn your basement into a rent-able suite.  You could turn that extra square footage into a revenue generating property for you.  Whether for an almost grown up child looking for their own space or aging parents who need a place to live it can provide a family member a safe place to live while still having their own autonomy and privacy. Or you can rent it out and create some much needed income with a mortgage helper built right into your home.  This would also contribute to your homes resale value, especially if it’s a permitted suite.

When converting your basement into a suite you may have the added expense of making another entry, you'll need a kitchen, a bathroom, and at least one bedroom with proper egress.  This can raise the cost of the project but it also significantly raises the value of your home at the same time.

Remodeling Your Basement Into a Home Office

One of the most common uses for a basement or a room in the basement is for a home office.  Do you operate a small business and work from your home?  If so then remodeling your basement into a home office can give you much needed private and quite space to conduct your work.  It may also provide certain tax advantages as well, because an office is considered a business expense (consult with your accountant).  Having a home office is also a great place to file and store important documents, have a computer area, or just have somewhere that’s quiet and away from the normal chaos of your everyday home life.

Remodeling Your Basement Into a Media Room

More common than you might think people are starting to remodel their homes for a better entertainment experience.  What better then a state-of-the-art theater room to watch your favorite movies or shows? You can have your own big screen TV or projector screen with surround sound and even theater seating all from the comfort of your own home.  No lines to wait in, no traffic getting to the movies, no worry about someone kicking the back of your seat.  You can turn up the entertainment level up a few notches by building in a basement bar with a small kitchen too so you can prepare snacks and drinks for your family or your guests.  We have many ideas for homeowners wishing to turn their basement into an entertainment or media room.

Remodeling Your Basement Into a Family Room Or Multi-Purpose Room

Basements can provide a lot of open space.  The basement is perfect for a family room where all can gather without being cramped together.  There will be plenty of room for the whole family to get together and watch movies or play games.  Pool table? Hobbies? With the addition of some windows and a large egress window to bathe the room in natural light you’ll feel just like you were on the main floor of the house.

Adding or Remodeling a Basement Bathroom

Bathrooms become a little crowded in most homes especially if you’ve got a growing family or teenagers!  The basement is a great place to add a second bathroom or even a third bathroom if you’d like.  Bathrooms are usually easy to build into a basement because plumbing and electrical are usually already present.  You may already have a bathroom in the basement but it’s been neglected over the years and needs a makeover.  We can transform your forgotten about basement bathroom into a beautiful new modern space everyone in the household will enjoy.

Viking Brothers Contracting Remodels & Finishes Basements

Viking Brothers Contracting is a full service home remodeling contractor serving Owings Mills, MD and the surrounding area.  We can remodel or finish your basement in Baltimore County, Carroll County and Howard County.  Whether you want to build an amazing new media room, more bedrooms for a growing family, an in-law suite, or a home office our team of craftsman will be able to make it happen for you.

If you'd like to discuss your basement remodeling project please give Viking Brothers Contracting a call today (330) 845-4647 or fill out our online contact form and we’ll help you transform your basement into the space you’ve always wanted it to be!

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