Tenant Build Outs Owings Mills, MD

Commercial Tenant Build Out Services

We build-out and improve leased spaces

Have you just acquired a commercial lease for a new facility for your business and you need to modify it so it’s perfect for your specific needs?  Commercial tenant build-outs are a common project and not every commercial space is going to be suited to all types of businesses.  You might have found the perfect location but the building itself isn’t quite suited for your specific needs and it will need to be modified.  Don’t sweat it though, you’ve just found a company that specializes in this type of commercial construction project.

What Type Of Commercial Tenant Build-Out Do You Need?

  • Are you moving your business to a new facility?
  • Do you need to build professional offices within your space?
  • Do you need to make lighting improvements?
  • Do you need to install retail shelving or case-work to display goods?
  • Do you need to change interior finishes for branding purposes?

Viking Brothers Contracting is a full service licensed and insured home remodeling contractor based out Owings Mills, MD and serving all of Baltimore County, Carroll County and Howard County. We specialize in completing commercial tenant build-outs for businesses of all types.  Whether you need to renovate a new warehouse, renovate a restaurant space, a retail space, or even a professional office space we have an experienced team of commercial remodelers ready and waiting to transform your space.

Commercial Tenant Build-Out Projects We Complete

  • Demolition of existing spaces in preparation for new construction
  • Installation of shelving, storage, or custom casework
  • Interior finishing to meet brand requirements
  • Constructing bathroom facilities or change rooms
  • Constructing temporary office spaces
  • Constructing new walls
  • Code violation corrections

Types Of Businesses We Work With

  • Retail businesses
  • Professionals (doctors, dentists, law offices)
  • Car dealerships
  • Showrooms
  • Restaurants

If you’d like to schedule your consultation for a possible tenant build-out on your leased commercial space please give us a call (330) 845-4647 or fill out our contact form and we’ll get right back to you.