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commercial renovations in Owings Mills, MD

Commercial Remodeling Services

Do you need to find a reliable, professional, commercial remodeling contractor who can help you remodel or renovate your place of business?  There are many reasons you might want to remodel your commercial space such as for growth or to give your business a more modern and upbeat feel.  Whatever your reason for needing a commercial remodel the most important thing is finding a competent contractor who can complete your project with minimal hassle and inconvenience to your current operations.

What Type Of Commercial Remodeling Do You Need?

  • Have you leased a new facility that you need to improve?
  • Do want to renovate your professional offices?
  • Do you want to remodel a retail store or franchise?
  • Would you like to build a staff room or a lunch room?
  • Do you need to install retail shelving or case-work to display goods?

Viking Brothers Contracting is a full service home remodeling contractor based out Owings Mills, MD and serving all of Baltimore County, Carroll County and Howard County. We specialize in completing commercial remodeling projects for businesses of all types.  Whether you need to remodel a doctors or dentists office, renovate a restaurant space that needs a makeover, build-out a retail space, or even remodel an interior for branding purposes, we have an experienced team of commercial remodelers ready and waiting to transform your space.

Commercial Remodeling Projects We Complete

  • Commercial tenant build outs
  • Warehouse remodeling and renovations
  • Professional office renovations and remodeling

What To Consider For Your Commercial Remodeling Project

Working on a commercial building is quite a bit different than residential construction, while many of the principals are the same, there is a drastically different set of codes and requirements for commercial purposes that must be followed or your project could experience delays.  Here are a few things to consider with your commercial remodeling project.

#1.  Understanding Your Commercial Occupancy Permit:  The document shows what you can legally use a commercial property for.  Whether that’s office space, retail space, a restaurant, or other purposes.  Sometimes these can be altered or changed but it’s not easy.

#2.  Are There Existing Code Violations?  This can always throw a wrench into your project.  When you acquire a new commercial space for your business that was occupied by a previous business there could be various code violations and safety violations that need to be repaired or corrected.  A commercial contractor who knows and understands these codes will be a valuable asset as you try and navigate this process.

#3.  Will You Be Updating Mechanical Systems?  While some commercial remodeling projects only deal with the cosmetics of a space, it’s not uncommon to have to replace or upgrade mechanical systems such as plumbing, heating, cooling, and electrical.  Knowing exactly what you’ll be using the space for can help with these decisions and planning.

If you’d like to schedule your a consultation for your commercial remodeling or renovation project please give us a call (330) 845-4647 or fill out our contact form and we’ll get right back to you.